washers, dryers, refrigerators, and televisions are examples of unsought products: Consumer Credit Definition India Dictionary

washers, dryers, refrigerators, and televisions are examples of unsought products: Consumer Credit Definition India Dictionary


The SBUs in the yellow cells along the diagonal running from lower left to upper right are overall medium in attractiveness. The strategy is to protect or allocate resources on a selective basis. The SBUs in the red cells on the lower right corner have low overall attractiveness. A harvest strategy should be used in the two cells just below the three-cell diagonal.


SRI has adapted VALS 2 for lifestyle classifications in other countries. The most important reference group is the family, a group of https://1investing.in/ related by blood, marriage, or adoption living together in a household. It could consist of a single person, a family, or any group of unrelated persons who occupy a housing unit.

The old technology survives by pricing itself substantially below the new technology. Direct marketing may take the form of direct mail, telemarketing, electronic marketing, and online marketing. It is immediate, customizable to individual consumers or groups of consumers, and interactive. Direct email marketing includes unsolicited bulk email and opt-in direct email. Generally, direct marketing allows for easy measurement of effectiveness. Successful direct mailing necessitates the availability of huge computer databases containing data, such as names, email addresses, hobbies, geographic location and birthdays.

If the product cannot be built to the quality and cost levels that customers demand, marketing will not be able to sell it no matter how innovative the design is. A producer gives functional or trade discounts to an intermediary for performing certain functions, such as selling, storing, and record keeping. Cash discounts are price reductions to buyers who pay their bills promptly. An example would be 2/10, net 30 where a 2% discount is given if the bill is paid in 10 days, if not, the entire bill is due in 30 days without penalty. Quantity discounts are given due to economies of purchasing large quantities.

Is mobile phone a consumer durable?

And independent retail store is a retail store controlled by its individual ownership or management rather than from without. A franchised distributor is a district wholesaler representing one or more manufacturers, having exclusive right to the distribution of their merchandise in the assigned territory. Producer to Agent to Wholesaler to Retailer to Consumer channel is used for many consumer-convenience products . Producer to Wholesaler to Retailer to Consumer channel is used for many consumer-convenience products. General Electric’s system of portfolio analysis is considered a model.

The agent may handle two or more related but non-competing lines. The manufacturer fixes prices and selling terms governing sales. The agent generally offers specialized technical or marketing skill. He or she is valuable in marginal or new development areas where sales cost to the manufacturer is predictable and minimum investment or risk is incurred. Strategic planning is the process of developing and analyzing the organization’s mission, overall goals, general strategies, and allocating resources. The strategic planning process is carried out at the corporate level, business level, and product level.

  • The organization must decide whether the benefits of having additional information are worth the costs of providing it.
  • These specialized companies are able to offer smaller companies significant economies of scale as they invest the capital needed to build advanced distribution systems for all their customers.
  • In other words, the information search may be internal or external.
  • Other examples of this kind of purchasing product would be home equipment, similar to washers, dryers, or a fridge.

In freight-absorption pricing, the seller pays all shipping costs to get the desired business. A chain store is one of a group of four or more retail stores under the same ownership and management, handling the same line of goods, and operating under a single management policy. It provides a wide-area or national coverage with consistent, well-developed, and controlled marketing methods. Generally purchases are made in large volume through centralized purchasing and warehousing functions. A broker and commission agent is an individual or firm that negotiates contracts of purchase and sale between parties on a fee or commission basis.

Convenience Products

Cigarettes and alcohol are classic examples of products that target ordinary consumers. Discount driven customers are the kind of customers who purchase items and companies primarily for the discounts on offer. Public relations entails a variety of functions and activities that are directed at fostering harmonious interactions with an organization’s publics .

Marketers are very interested in the factors that trigger a conscious recognition of a need. Level V – Self-actualization needs are the desires for self-fulfillment and the realization of the individual’s full potential. Preparing and cooking a gourmet meal can satisfy self-actualization needs. A DSS enables decision-makers to represent environmental forces and quickly evaluate many alternatives and assumptions within models.


A distribution center is a large, highly automated warehouse designed to receive goods from various plants and suppliers. A manufacturer’s or factory store is a retail outlet owned and operated by the manufacturer to sell directly to the ultimate consumer. An importer is a resource that buys from foreign sellers for resale to outlets in its home country.

Introduction to Marketing

Producer to Manufacturer’s Agent to Business channel is another common business channel. A manufacturer’s agent is an individual or firm acting as an intermediary between the manufacturer and the business product user, usually in a specified territory. The agent generally handles two or more related though non-competing lines. He or she travels freelance, though the manufacturer establishes prices and selling terms governing sales. He or she has thorough knowledge of the territory, potential users, and products.


Persuading attempts to convince the customer to purchase the organization’s product instead of some other product that may also satisfy the same need. Reminding attempts to convince the customer to purchase the organization’s product. Even an established firm must constantly remind people about its products because there are so many firms trying to convince the customer to purchase their products.

Most of the products purchased relate to services institutions provide for their customers. It requires that an organization think about the long-run interests of society in satisfying consumers while meeting organizational objectives. Extending the time dimension means that the organization takes a long-term view of customer satisfaction.

washers, dryers, refrigerators, and televisions are examples of unsought products culture is the shared experiences, stories, beliefs, and norms that characterize an organization. Overall strategies for the organization flow from the goals, objectives, and philosophy and culture of the organization. Overall strategies are distinguished from the business, product and functional strategies. Examples of corporate strategiesinclude concentric diversification, and/or controlled diversification; forward integration; focus, cost and differentiation strategies; and growth or downsizing strategies. To be development leaders, companies use design integration techniques, such as voice-of-the-customer. The surest way to delight the customer is to understand what they want.

  • The retailer obtained as many customers as possible through a low price , and established a position in the market.
  • Consumers who’ve no real interest in a company’s sporting good merchandise, for example, might be extra interested in buying its product line of vitality bars or sports activities drinks.
  • For instance, if all you need is a Harley-Davidson bike, you are not going to make any exceptions.

Generally, profit maximization is focused on total output rather than on individual products. In target return, desired profitability is stated in terms of return on sales or investment. Many retailers and wholesalers use a target return on net sales for short-run periods. Cash flow is needed to recover cash quickly, especially with products with short life cycles. Integral to pricing by wholesalers and retailers is markup, an amount added to the cost of a product to cover anticipated operating expenses and provide a desired profit for the period.

What is consumer durables and nondurables?

Under selective distribution, the organization tries to use more than one, but fewer than all the intermediaries who are willing to carry the product. Most television, furniture, and small appliance brands are distributed in this manner. Maytag, Whirlpool, and General Electric use this method to distribute their products. A discount store or discount house or discount center is a retail outlet engaged in selling merchandise at prices below those customarily charged. It generally deals in national-branded merchandise and fixed-price products. The discounter provides emphasis on a high-volume of sales and rapid inventory turnover.